About Us

p>Bouncy Castle Supplies was set up at the beginning of 2013 by the team behind Bouncy Castle Hire and Bouncy Castle Network. We realised that bouncy castle operators and inflatable manufacturers needed a comprehensive website through which they could contact each other to sell stock, advertise new and used bouncy castles, or search for much-needed bouncy castles.

We have been closely involved in the bouncy castle hire sector for many years and this has allowed us to develop our service in-line with the needs of inflatables operators and manufacturers. Our aim is to create the best possible directory of bouncy castle supplies in the UK and to support bouncy castle operators throughout the turbulent economic period.

Our team consists of former bouncy castle operators with decades of experience in the industry, which gives us a close understanding of what companies want in a bouncy castle network. A talented and skilled group of web developers has given us a streamlined and effective e-commerce portal and trading website that is simple to use, easy to control, powerful and highly useful. We think our system vastly surpasses anything else available on the market.

Bouncy Castle Supplies therefore doesn't offer a clunky e-commerce website - our website has been built from the ground up with the needs of bouncy castle operators in mind to be specifically used by bouncy castle operators in the UK searching for second hand bouncy castles and to circulate their stock.

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Book your bouncy castle online with the Bouncy Castle Network booking system! Showcase your castles with one of our stunning websites - pick a template or help us design your own - and the orders will come flooding in. When a customer calls you to make an order, simply direct them to the Book Now button on your brand new website, and you'll be getting bookings at any time of the day, seven days a week. To have a chat with our friendly team, give us a call on +44 01706 249 004, or drop us an email to [email protected]