Disco Dome

Classification: Manufacturer Listed
Condition: 10/10
Weight: 115kg
Dimensions: 15x20x13.5ft

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 The Disco Dome is a fantastic new product for this season and is sure to be a real hit worldwide. The new disco dome design is what we're calling a "Party Pod"
The new Party Pod measures 15ft in diameter with a 5ft step and stands 13.5ft tall , just slightly taller than the old bb-034 versions. The dome comes complete with a speaker system pocket at the back to safety hide the music system away from small fingers yet still bellows the sound out into the dome.
All our Party Pods are custom made and all differ slightly, please let us know if there's anything you would like custom on your dome, Luminous stripes inside (amazing when a black light is used), additional Zips,webbed beds, artwork down to the colour of the top. Everything is made to order so please specify if there is something specific you need.

The dome also comes with a lighting slot in the top that accepts most kinds of disco lighting, this is placed inside a clear plastic tube that allows light to penetrate inside the dome creating some real good effects inside. The slot is then zipped close and a velcro cap is placed over to keep it as watertight as it can be. The dome also comes for a limited time only with random internal hi vis UV backlighting panels.

To complete the effect nicely we recommend investing a further £200 from your local Maplins store. The products we recommend are the Ion block rocker and the quadset lighting hexagons. http://www.maplin.co.uk/

The domes are already pre-wired on arrival to make life much easier and tidy away all the unsightly cables, However the cable if bare at both ends and needs to be wired in with your chosen electrics.
The domes are already pre-wired on arrival to make life much easier and tidy away all the unsightly cables.
Plus this Dome is fully ADULT incorporated and worry free : ) Heres a few examples of the standard dome but remember... This dome is much taller and has deeper wider beds for more adult bounce!

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