Candy floss sugar

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 Gold Medal Floss sugar is a wonderful, ready-mixed blend of sugar and colouring for the professional user. Floss Sugar has been carefuly made using a carefully selected sugar whose size is graded between fine and coarse for optimum flossing performance. The colours have been "brightened" ensuring an attractive look without exceeding FDA directives for food colouring. The best-seller has to be 'Silly Nilly', the classic pink vanilla flavour. Floss sugar is supplied in 3¼ lb cartons. Simply pour directly into the spinner head - great floss with all the mixing. You can typically make approximately 70 cones from each box.

Flavor List:
#3201 Boo-Blue
#3202 Silly Nilly
#3204 Leapin' Lime
#3205 O-Jay
#3209 Pina Colada
#3216 Choc-O-Floss® - New!
#3218 Banana Bonanza
#3220 Sassy Apple
#3226 Sizzlin' Lemon-Sour
#3228 Maple - New!

Case of Six ½ gallon cartons of same flavor per case. Shipping weight 21 lbs

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