Choco Marshmallow Kebab Luxury System

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 Chocolate Marshmallow Kebab Luxury System - Exciting - Uniquie - Affordable

Marshmallows on a stick dipped in our famous 'Quick Set Chocolate'

Using our 'quick set' specially formulated chocolate that sets in seconds - watch it set as you are putting it onto the stick.

System Includes:
Chocolate Marshmallow Kebab Warmer / Melter (plugs into 13 amp socket or small generator only 300w)
Acrylic Stand
10kg 'Quick Set' Chocolate - yields 500-800 dips
Point of Sales Poster
1000 Chocolate Marshmallow /Fruit Skewers
Large Display Counter ( 57cm x 50cm x 9cm)

No waiting
No dripping
No mess
Typical unit cost of a marshmallow on a stick including chocolate is around 0.20p - giving you the same fantastic profit margins that Popcorn and Candy floss do!

Also idea for use with; waffles, fruits etc

Please note:

Special in store collection price £197.00
10kg Quick Set Chocolate refills £74.00 with standard next day delivery or in store collection £69.00
NEW FLAVOURS launched : Strawberry and Vanilla double pack 2 x 10kg £130.00 delivered

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